Natyanjaly Dance

Natyanjaly Dance Academy is an organisation working towards enlightening all to the beauty of Bharathanatyam, the cultural pride of India. Norwich Association of Malayalees presents a supporting platform for the youth to perform and enhance their learning of Bharathanatyam. Rooting from the depths of ancient Hindu temples, Bharathanatyam has grown into the country’s map of national pride and culture. By combining the beauty of emotion, music and art, Bharathanatyam encapsulates the excellence and rich culture of India. Learning this art form does not only provide a form of skill, yoga, and exercise, it is also a journey, a journey towards mindfulness and liberty. The freedom felt during a Bharathanatyam dance performance is like no other, as all your worries melt away in the face of music and dance. Natyanjaly warmly welcomes you to have this experience. – Anjaly Joe Pazhayattil
Contact details: Anjaly Joe Pazhayattil: Email address: Telephone No.: 07737320242