About Us

Norwich Association of Malayalees (NAM) is the realization of a long cherished dream of Keralites in Norwich and surrounding area, to form a common platform for all who share the passion for ‘Kerala’ and to preserve and promote its moral, social, cultural, educational, literary, lingustic and artistic heritage. Our aim is to enrich our local community and integrate into the main stream, at the same time preserving and protecting our traditional values culture and heritage.Ever since it’s inception in 2006 NAM has played a vital & integral part in promoting the welfare of the community in Norwich


  • To uphold the interests of the Malayalee community in Norwich.
  • To foster friendship with other communities, exchange and share ideas and beliefs with them and enhance quality of life of the community.
  • To work with other community groups and similar Communities to create awareness about different cultures, enabling cultural integration, community cohesion and harmony.
  • To provide the community members with an opportunity to meet, discuss and promote Malayalam language and culture, and participate in cultural programmes.
  • To promote the indigenous heritage, cultural, traditional, and artistic values of the Malayalee community.
  • To extend a helping hand to community members who are in need and raise money for charity purposes.
    To teach and educate the younger generation of our value systems and culture.
  • To identify and nurture various talents within the members of the community and to provide platform for achieving their full potential.