NAM Cricket

NAM CC is a team of strong and energetic mallu cricket lovers from the suburbs of Norfolk under the umbrella of NAM ( Norwich Association of Malayalees )

We are extremely proud and honored to inherit the legacy of community cricket and are affiliated with England and Wales Cricket Board ( ECB ). We have plenty of friendly and league matches lined up for the upcoming season. If you are cricket lover and would like to join us please contact Sibi Kuttiparichel ( ) and Jojo Pazhayattil ( )


Few Cricket loving NAM members were used to play in different English community cricket clubs , but we decided to form our own cricket club. As with any new venture in the beginning it wasn’t easy. The NAM Committee decided in 2015-2017 period to go ahead with the project and NAM CC was born. Now NAM CC is a well – established cricket club with all the facilities you’d except from a club without their own ground.

Our Achievements

Our team entered in NCL in 2016 at Division 4. We finished 2nd in the division and got promoted to Division 3 that year. We were promoted to Division 2 in 2019 as group champions. We also won the Tom Bartram Cup in 2018 and Runners up in 2019

Our Objectives

– Develop the talents of young and upcoming player
– To promote cricket at all levels within the community
– Play focused and competitive cricket by keeping the Spirit of Cricket at our heart
– To promote the sense of Team Spirit and social culture